Drunk Noodles

I tried making drunk noodles for the first time after I saw the picture and recipe in America

Pedal Pushers Baby Quilt


Well, I thought I made the Wee Wander quilt on a short time line, but this quilt was my fastest to date. Start to finish, it took under two months. In order to get it done in time, I forced myself to choose a pattern that didn’t require me to fussy-cut anything. I cut the fabric myself, but I used 2.5


Gluten free gingergread made with fresh ginger

This gingerbread is made with fresh ginger. I adapted Maxie’s supper club’s fresh ginger cake recipe (here) so it is gluten-free. You may be wondering if it is worth it to mince up all that ginger – I say yes! The fresh ginger flavor is incredible.

If you buy more ginger than you need, finish peeling it and then store it in the freezer in a baggie. It can be grated while frozen, or it will start to thaw quickly and you can slice it up for your stir-fry.

You don’t want to use blackstrap molasses, but most other varieties taste great. I have made this cake with Brer Rabbit full flavor, Brer Rabbit mild flavor, Grandma’s original, and Grandma’s robust, and all will give you good results.


Yield: One 8

Framed Cowboys Quilt

I made this quilt for my newest nephew. His quilt is the third in a series – his sisters received baby quilts made with the same pattern, but different fabrics. Niece #2