Hostess-Style Chocolate Cupcakes

gluten free chocolate cupcakes

Whew! I just finished my first year teaching at a wonderful school. There is one thing I’ve heard talking to teachers: it doesn’t matter if are teaching second grade or twelfth grade, public or private school – the first year is a doozie. And it was, but I’m hoping that I’ll have more time to share recipes with you on the blog going forward.


These cupcakes are a nostalgic treat that everyone will love. They do take some time to assemble but they are worth it. The prep is reduced by using another cake box hack, and if marshmallow fluff is available and meets your dietary requirements, you can use it instead of making your own filling. If you have some of the chocolate icing in your freezer, the assembly gets even faster.

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A nerdy interlude… gluten free Star Trek cookies

Gluten Free Original Star Trek Cookies

I’m still perfecting my roll-out cookie dough recipe, but I wanted to share my latest test. I made these cookies using the Star Trek cookie cutters from, and I decorated them with royal icing. They are the first attempt, and they were a little rushed, so I am looking forward to even more perfect nerdiness with the next batch.